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Let us help your staff grow and develop, together with the assistance of government grants this investment in your people becomes a total Win Win . Contact us and find out more.

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Leadership & Communications Training


Leadership, Managers as Leaders, EI, Team Building, Customers and more - find out how in house training for your teams can improve just about everything, especially the bottom line AND how there may well be coverage through government grants too!

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NEW- NLP WEEKDAYS, 2020 Booking now

Jan 21, 2020 – Mar 10, 2020

These are great opportunities if weekends have held you back! Now, just one day a week and you secure your licensed practitioner certification


NLP Licensed Certification Weekends January 2020

Jan 25, 2020 – Feb 23, 2020

Weekends starting in January, Bonus early registration in place now, book now and save


We're starting to accept the truth about our feelings, they seem to continue on with us, no matter what relationship we are what's really going on?
Deleting Distorting and Generalizing:
Our minds can only hold so much detail, and we certainly ...

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We have to tackle this anger.


Because anger is so often used to coerce change in others, people erect defences not only to shield themselves from hurt, but also to keep from feeling controlled. They resist the angry person’s demands by means of avoidance, discounting, count...

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The costs of interpersonal anger:

Sometimes expressing anger can feel enormously relieving, and though it can act as a powerful tool for influence or control, expressing anger comes with a price. This costs you in the currency – the toll it takes on your relationships

The price you pay for ange...

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Stick to one issue at a time. “lets just talk about … right now”
Sit down and talk quietly, let the person know you are doing this “ I better sit down and calm myself before we start”
State your feelings clearly “When you talk to me that way, I feel - “ (like a 2 year old, lik...

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Dealing with Anger...

Listen, we've all been there losing our marbles over something we can't control and feeling so overwhelmed we just let loose. The strategy here is the deep self knows this is really "not cool" and starts the inner justification, the review of the points, the arguments that...

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Leadership & Communications Skills for Business - Powerful Tools with On Site Trainers - Funding Available

  • Leadership programs offer companies an opportunity to invest in their staff with the latest in training skills

    In house training modules bring Master Trainer Harry Nichols to your location providing a tailored program for your team. Utilizing the Communications and Leadership skills of NLP, together with the latest in Team Building, Managing for Managers, Emotional Intelligence, Vision and Mission Statements; all help companies bring a unified message to staff and help staff understand the essence of the company's vision. This is so critical when often junior staff are the first to greet your customer - getting this right at the very start is so essential in today's business forum where competition is often created in the first communications between your staff and a potential customer. Breaking communications skills down for people helps make your business build key foundations in the market you serve. Harry brings the A game focused entirely on your people and enhancing their skills. Contact Harry for a complimentary interview and quote for your company today.
  • Management & Team Building for your Company

    These in depth programs offer your Managers powerful team building strategies that improve the work place with increased productivity and co operation between departments - With Trainers on site, these programs work with your people implementing the latest in Emotional Intelligence, Managing Teams, Team Building, Communications Skills for all levels of staff. In just a few days time, we can help your company create a new cohesive trusted environment that builds trust while increasing productivity and deliverability.
  • On Site Leadership & Communications Programs for business - with Government Funding

    Find out more about funding these programs in co operation with our provincial governments. There is so much available to help you invest in your company's greatest resource - your employees. From Managers to Administration; sales, marketing and even programs for executives - our Leadership and Communications programs have been endorsed by companies and government programs alike. Contact us for more information - we have the tools to help your teams create optimum work environments.
  • We Come to You!

    The easiest way to help you increase your staff training and augment productivity, is to bring us on site for in house training. All programs provide Certification for Technical & Professional hours of training, which qualifies for many of the Provincial Funding programs. Find out more...and invest in your companies greatest asset, your employees. - Contact Harry Nichols or Kathy Welter for a free, no obligation review of your companies requirements and we'll put together a proposal for you. Call today
  • What is EI? Emotional Intelligence? Can this be taught?

    Emotional Intelligence is the ability to understand others, to read both body language and understand the communications styles of others. When we know these strategies we can find ways to resolve conflict, ease difficult situations, motivate employees and manage teams - ultimately providing exceptional leadership often under challenging circumstances. An employee with these skills really goes above and beyond the tasks at hand, helping and assisting many in achieving the optimal outcomes the company is working towards. Can you hire an emotionally intelligent employee? Some would say "only time will tell" however, utilizing NLP we can actually teach these valued skills to all your staff which means all of them would know how to utilize these strategies to help each other, and new staff integrate better with reduced conflicts and over all a much more harmonious environment to work in. These skills are simple gold when in action.


  • NLP Certification programs through the Society of NLP

    The NLP Practitioner and the Master Practitioner program are taught by Master Trainer, Harry Nichols. Harry trained directly with Dr Richard Bandler and travelled the world with him meeting many of the people that contributed to the technology of the groundbreaking work, of NLP and Dr Bandler and Dr Grinder. Dr. Bandler offers : "I highly recommend Harry Nichols of Thought Models. He is continually updating his training with the most up-to-date skills I have developed. He's not only a Master Trainer in NLP, a Design Human Engineer trainer, and NHR, he does all kind of other things too. The one thing I know is he's probably one of the best trance subjects I've ever worked with"Dr Bandler, co-creator, NLP creator of DHE & NHR
  • Coaching - High Performance, Executive Coaching

    Personal, Private, Convenient - Contact Harry Nichols for more details - 604-421-1722
  • Bulimia Breakthrough Method

    Private, One on One sessions, using NLP & Hypnotherapy, we resolve the behaviours of bulimia through Intensive Interventions together with follow up coaching support, contact Kathy for more details 604-421-1722
  • Stop Smoking Now

    Using NLP & Hypnotherapy we interrupt the addiction without weight gains or other problematic attachment behaviours Find out more and get ready to "quit for the last time" 604-421-1722
  • Panic Attack, Fears & Phobias can be debilitating

    Using NLP & Hypnotherapy we interrupt these experiences quickly - call today for more details and book your sessions. Generally within 4-6 sessions, we can accomplish the desired outcomes
  • HypnoBirthing the Marie Mongan Method

    Private One On One sessions with each couple, focus on the individuals needs, creating the optimal birth experience for the parents and the infant. Contact Kathy for more information - 604-421-1722 Kathy has been providing HB training in Canada now, for over 15 years - Five sessions scheduled in alignment with the parents schedules make this program exceptional for your birth experience. Whether in hospital, high risk birth, or home birth with Midwives, Kathy has the tools to help you remain calm and peaceful throughout the pregnancy and birth
  • Postpartum Care & Recovery

    HypnoBirthing helps parents avoid these challenges, however, if this is not something you have added to your birth program, and if issues arise, just a few sessions with Kathy will help mom and baby relax into their new lives together. There are all kinds of challenges that parents experience when pregnancy arrives. Birth is the shortest part of the whole process, however, no matter how you experience it, its still one of those major life changing events. Using Hypnosis and providing relaxing MP3's to help you recover and restore your inner balance is just the best for mom and baby and dad too! Contact Kathy for more information.
  • Light Leadership Programs

    These unique and specialized training programs utilize both Expansive Deep Trance and Meditation programs together with self-reflective and contemplation for attendees. Utilizing Double Voices, and Double Inductions, these programs bring the skills of both Kathy & Harry working together to create a vibrant and illuminating experience for attendees. Course are offered continuously, find out more by contacting Kathy or Harry for details
  • Shaman Inside - Tools for the 21st Century

    This foundational program offers the tools and techniques for individuals seeking to expand their consciousness into a deeper understanding of the world around us. Opening individuals through training, practicums and personal work, these programs are set as year-long instruction models where attendees meet on a quarterly basis for weekends, and then continue their studies for the balance of the quarter.


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So life changing, I highly recommend ask for Harry

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